. 2 cups yellow peas 9kadala parippu)
. 1 onion
. 3 green chilies
. 2 Tbsp Maldives fish or 50g dry shrimp
. 2Tbsp crushed red pepper
. 1 sprig curry leaves
. Salt

Dhal Vade

Submitted By Wasanthi


. Soak the yellow peas in water for about 3-4 hours. Wash and drain.
. In a food processor, put half of the Dahl, 1 Tbsp water and grind to make a paste.
. Transfer to a bowl.
. Put the other half of the Dhal into a food processor and grind it until just Dhal are chopped.
. Transfer to a same bowl.
. Cut onion, green chilies, and curry leaves into small pieces and add to a Dhal mixture.
. Add Maldives fish, crushed red pepper and salt.
. Mix well.
. Take a table spoon full of mixture and make into a shape of vadai.
. Apply above method to rest of the mixture to make each vadai.
. Put the row vadai into a deep hot oil pan on medium heat and fry until golden brown.
. Enjoy when vadai is hot and church.