. 500g rice flour
. 100g steamed flour (all purpose)
. 25o ml (3/4 cup) kithul treacle
. 100g sugar
. Oil for frying

Konda Kavum

Submitted By Wasanthi


. In a pan, mix treacle and sugar together.
. Put the pan on medium heat, cook until the treacle is boiled (don't over boil).
. Remove from heat and keep until it is slightly cool.
. Mix rice flour and steamed flour together.
. Put the flour mixture little at time to the treacle to make a thick batter.
. Heat the oil in the pan on medium heat.
. When oil is hot pour about 3 Tbsp of batter into a pan.
. Insert wooden skewer into a center of the batter and let the raw batter move up while hitting hot oil on the top.
. When the Konda Kewuma turned into a golden brown transfer it to a paper towel.