.40 string hoppers (follow string hopper recipe)
.2 eggs
.2 carrots
.100g leeks
.100g green beans
.1 onion, slices
.2 green chilies
.1 sprig curry leaves
.100g cashew nuts (roasted0
.500g chicken or lamb
.1 Tbsp vinegar
.2 tsp chopped garlic
.1 Tbsp pepper
.2 Tbsp butter

String Hopper pilaf

Submitted By Wasanthi


.Break string hoppers into small pieces.
.Cut chicken or lamb into pieces.
.Cut carrots, leeks, and green beans into small stripes.
.Mix chicken or lamb with onion, 2 tsp pepper, 1 tsp garlic, vinegar and salt.
.In 350 F preheated oven bake until cooked and golden brown.
.Heat butter into a sauce pan, put garlic, and saut? about 10 seconds.
.Add vegetable and saut? until vegetables are tender. .Then add eggs and salt, mix well.
.Put chicken into a vegetable mixture and cook about 1 minute.
.Then add broken string hoppers, roasted cashew nuts and mix well.